Real-time collaboration for hospital personnel including Faculty, Interns, Residents, Nurses, Program Directors and GME Coordinators
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    SIMPLIFY your tasks using MedProSuite’s INTEGRATED information management system.

    MANAGE People, Schedules, Rotations, LOAs, Didactic/Conferences, Duty Hours, Resident Portfolios and Documents - all in one system.


    ACCESS your calendar, schedule, rotation, lectures, LOAs/vacations, duty hours, etc. right from the dashboard!

    COMMUNICATE by paging, texting and posting directly from the dashboard.


    UTILIZE personnel data that is integrated across Call Schedules, Reports, Leave of Absence (LOA), Conference/Didactics, Resident Portfolios and more.

    MANAGE information about education, licenses and certifications, for any personnel type.


    CREATE call schedules using your own rules, for any department or specialty.

    DEFINE your areas of service, select personnel (by groups, personnel types or individuals) to set up your schedules.


    CREATE RULES to manage LOA limits for your department.

    SUBMIT time off for yourself or others, CHANGE status (approved, deny, or place on hold), VIEW warnings for conflicts in schedules.


    POST a document to be read by all department personnel, a personnel type, or an individual.

    VIEW documents and departmental bulletins right from your dashboard!


    CREATE your conference schedule using default lectures, then schedule as needed.

    VIEW didactic schedules from the dashboard, complete evaluations directly from the dashboard and receive lecture e-mail notification.

  • 8) REPORTS

    ACCESS over 50 reports to summarize or analyze all data in the system.

    CUSTOMIZE information for reports using report filters and options. Save frequently accessed and favorite reports to run anytime.


    ENTER resident duty hours by cell phone or via the web. Set duty hour limits by residency year or department/specialty.

    VIEW results showing duty hours compliance and/or violations.


    TEXT personnel to let them know they can leave at a certain time, with optional comments.

    VIEW everyone's schedules without the hassle of going to find them.


    SCHEDULE a test, quiz or journal entry for a particular date, rotation or class.

    EVALUATE portfolio entries and test results and provide feedback. Admins can export a portfolio in one click!


    CUSTOMIZE your department settings and personnel security permissions.

    ASSIGN another person to be the administrator for a department or an application.

Save time managing people and tracking paperwork
  • Manage personnel records
  • Submit and/or approve LOAs
  • Track lectures and attendance
  • Integrated document management
  • Use paging for staff relief
  • Reports for every task and area
  • Department-level rotations
  • Clinic and call schedules
Streamline teaching tasks and measure learning
  • Resident and faculty evaluations
  • Integrated ACGME core competencies
  • Define sub-competencies by specialty
  • Create lectures and track attendance
  • Comprehensive resident portfolios
  • Resident employment portfolios
  • Create questionnaires and surveys
  • Reports and learning assessments
Save money by increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Eliminate error-prone paper processes
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Improve GME management
  • No IT operating costs or resources
  • No hardware or software to maintain
  • Resident employment portfolios
  • Setup for one or more departments
  • Stay on track for accreditation
Our network of servers are physically secured, backed up daily, constantly monitored and regularly updated with the latest security upgrades. We manage the technical infrastructure so you don’t have to.
MedProSuite allows you to subscribe to only the applications that you need, and to add applications at any time. Your account can include any number of departments, and the system is flexible enough to allow customization by each department admin.
 Easy To Use
MedProSuite has been designed to provide easy access to information by different personnel types. Each person can also customize their dashboard to show the information they use the most.