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  • Account Administration Overview

    There are three key administrative roles in MedProSuite: Account Administrators, Department Administrators and Application Owners. This hierarchy allows your Account Admin to delegate responsibilities according to the specific workflow for your department.

    • MedProSuite includes account settings and department-level settings
    • Settings can be customized for each department
    • Your account can be setup to include one or more departments
    • Account Administrators may define other staff as an administrator of a particular application
    • Setup or other tasks can be split between different administrators

    Want to see more and read less? Here are some Account Admin screenshots >>

    The account administrator will complete some basic setup steps, but they may also designate others as administrators of certain departments or applications. They have access to all information for the account.

    Note that a ‘department’ in MedProSuite can be any department or program - the system is flexible enough to let you define ‘department’ any way you like as long as it has personnel associated with it.

    You can also customize settings for each Department. This includes entering the names to be used for residency years and subspecialties, types of certifications and medical licenses, document categories, department committees names, and more. Applications may also include some department level settings. In a nutshell, most department setup involves entering data that will then be available in dropdown boxes elsewhere in the system.

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