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  • Dashboard Overview

    The MedProSuite Dashboard is the main "home page" for all personnel. It includes common sections (mini-apps) as well as mini-apps that can be customized by each person so that it shows exactly what they want to see. All of the Dashboard mini-apps can be shown minimized or expanded to show all content in the section, and can be placed in a customizable order on the page. Mini-apps on dashboard allow info at your fingertips:

    • All Dashboards include "Recent Documents" and "Recent Bulletins" mini-apps
    • Admins can select from sections for Personnel Search, Rotations, Residents, Approved LOAs, Pending LOA Requests, Licenses, and more
    • Faculty and Residents can also select from Dashboard mini-apps for "My Lectures", "My Rotations", "Portfolio Entries", and more
    • All personnel can include "My Calendar" and "My LOAs" mini-apps
    • A "Quick Links" mini-app contains personalized links to pages in MedProSuite

    View the Dashboard screenshots >>

    More about Quick Links

    Every page in MedProSuite has a bookmark icon in the page title. Clicking on this lets you name the page as you like and save the link to the Quick Links section of your Dashboard. This can be used to bookmark most-frequently used pages, or as a reminder for work in progress (for example, a link to a specific questionnaire or evaluation).

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