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  • Leave of Absence

    The Leave Of Absence (LOA) application allows personnel to enter and/or process leave of absence requests, unplanned absences or absences due to meetings or conferences. Features include:

    • Set up any kind of leave allowances (vacation, illness, meetings, etc)
    • Set up even more specific LOA types for each allowance type (funeral, jury duty, etc)
    • Define which LOA Types may be used by different personnel types
    • Create funding sources that personnel select when entering an LOA for a meeting or conference
    • Enter rules for who can approve and/or enter LOAs on behalf of others
    • Define how many residents, faculty (or other personnel types) may be off at one time
    • Automatic calculations of remaining leave time, for both hourly and salaried personnel
    • Prevent approving a new LOA for someone already assigned to a call schedule
    • Prevent assigning someone to a call schedule if they're on approved LOA
    • Certain rules display a warning but allow the LOA to be submitted; the admin determines status
    • Built-in error checking to prevent submitting LOAs based on rules you set
    • Administrators can view summary information and reports for personnel

    See the Leave of Absence screenshots >>

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