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    The Conference/Didactics application is integrated with the Personnel, Call Schedule and Leave of Absence/Vacation applications for GME and non-GME personnel to create a fair and accurate lecture schedule. For example, you do not want to schedule a lecture for someone who will be on call or at a location away from the conference hall. Features include:

    • Use for medical lectures and presentations for any personnel type
    • Attendees can download lecture materials before or after the lecture
    • Lecturers and faculty can enter attendance right from the lecture location
    • No need to enter every attendee for every lecture - just set rules for it
    • Each department can have different sessions, locations, absence reasons, etc.
    • Create ‘default’ lecture sessions as templates
    • Create the lecture session information and set the dates/times later on
    • Quickly create and schedule new lectures based on the templates
    • Optionally create questionnaires (for example, evaluations)- the system will send it to the attendees

    View the Conference/Didactics screenshots >>

    After setting up basic information such as session names (for example: PGY-2, Grand Rounds, or anything you like), lecture locations, valid/excused reasons for absences, the Admin will then enter some simple ‘rules’ for who the participants should be (for example, which rotations, residency years, personnel types, etc). This completely eliminates the need to enter each and every person who will attend each and every lecture throughout the year! Once the lecture has been scheduled, the system will map the rules to the people, taking into consideration things like which residents are in which rotations at the time of the scheduled lecture.

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