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  • Personnel Records

    Maintain personnel records for different personnel types, set security permissions, keep track of credentials, view personnel schedules and more:

    • Include any type of personnel: admin staff, faculty, residents, nurses, etc.
    • Manage information about medical training, certifications, licenses and more
    • Personnel schedules include call schedules, leave of absences and lectures
    • Create, approve and manage department rotations
    • Easily assign residents and rotating residents to rotations
    • Integrated document management for committee-level or personnel documents
    • Administrators have access to personnel related reports

    Want to see more and read less? Here are some Personnel screenshots >>

    All personnel have access to customizable dashboard showing information that they choose. For example, a resident may want to login and quickly see their weekly or monthly schedule and a list of portfolio entries that will be due. A faculty member may want their dashboard to show a list of evaluations that they need to complete, while a GME Coordinator may want their dashboard to show a list of people whose certifications or licenses need to be renewed.

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