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    The Staff Relief application is integrated with the Call Schedule and Leave of Absence/Vacation applications to allow efficient, timely staff relief. For example, the staff director can text page a resident that he is relieved from duty in 15 minutes and in the comments section may say “I have just assigned you to the OR for tomorrow @ 6:00am.” Features include:

    • Notify an individual or a group that they are relieved from duty for the day
    • The text received shows who relieved them, the time they can leave (immediately or in “X” minutes), and any comments
    • Staff relief can be done from one simple screen in the system, or from a tablet PC which fits in your pocket – no need to be sitting at a desk for this!
    • Reports also include staff relief information

    Want to see more? View the Staff Relief screenshots >>

    The program or staff director can access a screen showing the name of a staff member, the location of their daily assignment, status (working or relieved), as well as the ability to see a report of those who are currently still working or those relieved, all with in one click of the mouse. This is very helpful when handing off relief duties to the replacement director.

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