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    The Resident Portfolio applications allows each department or specialty to collect, track and evaluate clinical work and other learning activities performed by residents at teaching hospitals. Resident Portfolio entries may take the form of a multiple-choice exam, a text-based entry or a questionnaire-based entry. Key features include:

    • Create and assign exams and journaling opportunities
    • Entries may be associated with a residency year and/or rotation
    • Portfolio entries may be assigned or optional, or voluntary (by resident)
    • Residents can access these tasks directly from dashboard and complete them electronically
    • Entry evaluations may be associated with the ACGME core competencies or with sub-competencies for a subspecialty - or may be entered as informal comments
    • Residents can choose to share any entry for commentary by others
    • Program Directors and/or Mentors can view summary information about evaluations and comparative assessments
    • Admins and faculty can view summary information about entries in the system
    • Search for and view portfolios and associated resident entries
    • Residents can select and save portfolio entries and files to an employment portfolio mini-website, give a prospective employer login access - and then track who has viewed their portfolio
    • Admins can export a portfolio in one click!

    Want to see more? View the Resident Portfolio screenshots >>

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