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    The Call Schedules application can be used to create any type of schedule for any personnel type. It can be used to create schedules for Faculty, Residents, Nurses, Medical Students and more. It is integrated with the Personnel, Vacation/LOA and Conference/Didactics applications. Key features include:

    • Create, approve and maintain one or multiple schedules per department
    • Easily assign a person to multiple dates with one click
    • Concurrent assignments to multiple areas can be allowed - or prevented
    • Multiple schedule reports are accessible to ensure fairness and accuracy in scheduling
    • Create default weekly assignments to use as templates
    • Quickly create monthly schedules based on the default schedules
    • View call schedules by department service areas
    • Create daily or monthly notes for any schedule
    • View monthly schedules for personnel

    View some Call Schedule screenshots >>

    The Call Schedules application handles complex rules and is integrated with the other applications in order to prevent common problems - for example, if a resident is on Leave of Absence, the system will not let you assign them to a schedule for that day.

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