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  • Document Management

    The Document Management application allows you to upload documents and post bulletins and to control who is able to view these based on their personnel type. It serves as a document repository and communication portal. Depending on security permissions, the system will allow users to:

    • Easily access documents and bulletins from the dashboard
    • Control who can see the document or bulletin (a certain personnel type, a particular person or the entire department)
    • Tag documents for easy searching
    • Flag a document as 'read required' and track who has acknowledged that they've read it
    • Maintain multiple versions of the same document, with version history
    • Create department-level categories to associate with documents
    • Personnel with appropriate permission can check-in and check-out documents
    • Tag any document as a departmental document or a restricted personnel-related document
    • Associate a test or survey with any document
    • Dashboards include color-coded bulletins to indicate how recently they were added

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