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    MedProSuite provides summary and detail reports for all data within the system. There are over 50 reports available, with the ability to limit access to information based on the security permissions you’ve created for your department. Each report also has filters to limit or expand the report date ranges and personnel types included in the report. MedProSuite reports will save you time by answering questions like:

    • Who is on vacation/LOA two weeks from now?
    • Who is giving the lecture on communication – and when?
    • Who are our residents for the upcoming academic year?
    • How much vacation time does my staff have left for the year?
    • Who was on call back on 4/1/2009?
    • Are any licenses expiring this year?
    • Is everyone compliant with their BLS training?
    • Which admin staff members worked last week or on the last holiday?
    • How many lectures does this faculty member have this year?

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    Here are just some of the reports available:

    Personnel Reports: Home Address Report, Address Labels, Department Committees List, License Reports, E-mail listing by Personnel Type, and more

    Leave of Absence Reports: Individual Time off Report by Fiscal Year, LOA Balance Report, LOA Weekly Report, Staff Attendance Report, Staff Time Off Report.

    Call Schedules: Faculty, Resident and Nursing Schedules by date range, and Call Summaries by date range.

    Didactics/Conferences: Lecture List - by Session, Lecturer, Academic Year, or by ACGME Core Competencies.

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